“Asia Is a Trend Maker for the Entire Crypto Industry!” EDC Blockchain CEO Vaz Eghiazar about the WBS MARVELS Blockchain Summit

Vaz Eghiazar, CEO of the EDC Blockchain, shares his impressions of the World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVELS, which was held in Singapore in mid-July. 

This is an interview with Vaz Eghiazar, CEO of the EDC Blockchain company, in which Vaz spoke about the details of the summit and shared his vision of the current trends in the crypto field, as well as revealed secrets of new products that the EDC Blockchain project team is planning to develop and launch in the nearest future.

CEO of  the EDC Blockchain company, Vaz Eghiazar

There is no doubt that the Blockchain Summit in Singapore was a landmark event for the industry in general and for your project in particular. What is your general impression of this event?

We’ve got a lot of positive emotions, feelings, and had some pleasant meetings! In my opinion, everything was at the highest level!

Thanks to this conference, we got acquainted with many representatives of the Chinese and Korean projects. Thus, within the framework of the meeting, there was a communication with Ban Ki-moon. As a result of the negotiations, we were invited to participate in the next blockchain conference in Korea in October this year.

In general, we intend to concentrate our efforts to promote our projects towards Asia, as it is a leading market, which instantly grasps and accepts the latest technologies, implementing them in life! In terms of technical development, the majority of countries are oriented towards China and Korea, which adopt a large number of new trends, from fashion and music to the most high-tech achievements and developments.

Korea is a kind of litmus test paper for innovations and technologies, as they react quickly to all actual demands of the society and tendencies making innovations work.

How did the audience meet your presentation?

Most of the participants came from Asia, mainly Korea, China, and Vietnam. We were one of the few projects representing the European community, and we already stood out quite strongly against the general background. According to many participants, our presentation was one of the coolest. I would like to express my gratitude to the audience, which was very attentive and responsive. During the break after the presentation, we were approached by a very large number of people with questions about our project. We got acquainted with them and exchanged business cards, so in general, we were met very warmly.

The purpose of the presentation was to convey to the maximum number of people that we are building a global independent innovation ecosystem, providing a full range of tools for the development of projects such as the opportunity to create their own tokens, promote their products and services on our ECRO Place. And I am sure that we have been successfully achieving this goal.

Technological value of our project lies in the fact that we are a company that offers both comprehensive and customized blockchain solutions for each specific project. Another important aspect of our project is building a global consensus platform where people exchange goods and services, bringing countries and continents together and creating one independent structure.

We paid great attention to our educational product, ECRO Academy, which will help to train and raise the awareness of our community in blockchain technology. The ECRO Academy is designed to promote blockchain technology in a massive way for reaching the next important stage – to implement blockchain in the real economy and people’s daily lives.

“I believe that the blockchain development and implementation is being severely hindered by general illiteracy in this area, as a very few people really understand what blockchain is and how it can be successfully applied to improve lives of people around the world” . Vaz Eghiazar

How was the panel discussion with other blockchain experts?

This discussion was a great opportunity to answer questions raised by the audience during the presentation of our project. The main issue of interest to the majority of the participants was the integration of blockchain technology into the everyday life of any person – that’s exactly what our project is aimed at.

We also successfully presented our main product, ECRO Place. The main message of this product is to create a global market for the exchange of goods and services using blockchain technology and the latest developments in the crypto industry. Our ECRO Place provides the ability to pay and exchange crypto-based products using secure transaction technology, that gives users the assurance of the most secure transactions. Even if a seller and a buyer do not know each other, they can trust the technology that underpins our ECRO Place, which provides complete transaction and transfer security.

The conference was called “World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVELS”. Did cybersports receive a lot of attention? What are the new trends in this area and how is it planned to develop this area in the context of our platforms?

Frankly speaking, there was not much said about cybersports, there were almost no representatives of projects aimed at game topics at the event. Nevertheless, we imagined all the possibilities of our platform, one of which is the possibility of using our tools by game projects to create our own internal game economy based on blockchain and pay bonuses.

Did you manage to talk to representatives of famous crypto platforms, discusspossible listing of EDC coins on new sites?

In general, listing on new exchanges is always a new opportunity for us to expand and replenish the audience, so we take this issue as seriously as possible. The number of partner exchanges that integrate our coin is constantly growing and we always welcome new opportunities.

The MARVELS summit was attended by representatives of small and quite new exchanges in which we are not very interested at the moment because these exchanges do not focus on listing the coins but on futures and margin trading.

Many new projects and developments were presented at the summit. Which projects did you remember most of all?

There were many interesting and unique projects in the field of cybersecurity. I remember a Korean developer speaking about fingerprint recognition technology. He presented a project that uses a new technology to secure transactions with FaceID and Touch ID confirmation.

One of the important guests of the event was the 8th UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. What topics did he raised in his speech?

We were surprised at how enthusiastic Mr. Ban Ki-moon was about blockchain technologies. He openly argued that blockchain is secure and that it should be integrated into everyday life.

Our presentation was fully in line with the direction that was much respected by Korean market experts and opinion leaders such as Ban Ki-moon. He runs his own foundation, which supports technology start-ups around the world that are developing blockchain technology.

CEO of EDC Blockchain Vaz Eghiazar and the 8th UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Have any new partnerships been established? What have you discussed regarding other projects and blockchain association leaders?

We are currently negotiating with new partners, and we are receiving a large number of offers to present our projects in different countries. Now, it is very important for us to develop in the Asian market, so currently, we are negotiating with Korean partners to give some of them the opportunity to become our marketers and represent EDC Blockchain in Korea.

Thus, one project team from Singapore invited us to participate in the development of a mobile application based on our EDC blockchain for a taxi loyalty program. The project is quite interesting and has a developed community of about 100,000 people, so we were happy to develop an exclusive solution for them.

In general, we have gained strong support in the markets of Korea, China, Singapore, Vietnam and other important strategic areas of business. We are going to be published on both local major media and authoritative Internet websites.

How was the second day of the event?

The second day was held in a more informal atmosphere, as we were invited to a networking VIP dinner, which was attended by many famous opinion leaders, representatives of blockchain associations from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

At the dinner, everyone was given the opportunity to make a small welcoming speech. It was nice to hear a lot of good words about our project from the audience. We were really appreciated, warmly welcomed and recognized at this event.

After that, we were invited to an exhibition of contemporary art, which was attended by various stars of Korean culture, famous artists and presenters. This part of the event made a more friendly atmosphere and helped us build closer and more trusting relations with our new partners and participants of the summit.

The next morning, we gathered for breakfast again to discuss further plans for the joint development of our new partners. Korean participants expressed their desire to make a joint trip to European countries and organize the EDC Blockchain presentation events there. We also discussed our future trip to Korea in October this year.

In conclusion, what do you think about the results of this summit and what does it mean for your projects?

The main strategic goal for us was to present our projects to blockchain market participants in Asia, which is now the world leader in the use of crypto technologies. We were invited to present our project at the future blockchain summit in Seoul. Therefore, the planned program has been fully implemented!

the conferences like this one are designed to discern new interesting projects and give them an impetus for the development. I am sure that the EDC Blockchain project and the independent ECROSystem are these kinds of projects.

In addition, thanks to this conference, our staff has expanded, as our team weclomed a few people who will represent our project in the international arena and bring it to a new level.




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