Release of the light client for Telegram Open Network

Users have access to the test network for the blockgram platform Telegram Open Network (TON). A preview of the light client has been published.

This simplified version contains only the files needed for compilation, especially the RocksDB database and the Abseil library. After mounting and configuring the light client, it is connected to the test network TON’s complete node.

In addition, the website published step by step instructions for creating smart contracts in TON in the Fift programming language specifically created for telegrams.

In addition, users can get acquainted with the description of the TON virtual machine and the blockchain platform.

It is worth noting that telegram representatives did not publicly confirm the page’s accuracy and the information published on it.

Recall that the launch of the TON blockchain platform will take place during the third quarter of Thale 2019. Previously, the developers reported on the successful implementation of a closed test project.



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