Thanks to Libra, Bitcoin has become more prone to Google search

Following the announcement of the launch of Libra and the publication of the digital currency currency of Facebook, the volume of search queries for the word “bitcoin” increased significantly.

Data: Google Trends

As you can see, shortly after June 18, the HYIP around Libra began to decline. However, the volume of research related to Bitcoin continued to grow, reaching values ​​at the end of May. Thus, it is possible that the new initiative has forced many to remember about crypto-coins.

In general, as seen in the chart below, the current revival of interest in digital gold is clearly incompatible with the hyip of late 2017:

Data: Google Trends

At the same time, the price of the BTC is rising, as are the volumes traded on the stock exchanges. This suggests that key players are coming to market.




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